Thoughtful Thursday….. A Year on!


Somewhere in the Bay of Biscay….in Happier Days

Two weeks previous, one year ago…we were busy booking a Cruise for later in 2020.   All the planning had been done and destinations chosen…. were were to say the least “Happy Bunnies”

That Cruise was cancelled for the obvious reasons.  But who could have known that events would turn all our lives upside down.  A year and two weeks on we can see no real improvements on the horizon. 

At least we do have some great memories,  they make a big and welcome difference to our everyday lives….  maybe one day we will welcome in a New Norm! and start to make new memories.  But I guess it will be a very different norm.

Till then……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

28th January

(C) David Oakes 2021



6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday….. A Year on!

  1. Have you ever contemplated ‘why’ viruses are always mutating, David? In order to enhance their chances of spreading more effectively! Thus, a vaccine will never be a final solution! We must keep on paying for ever more new vaccines; – a never-ending battle, I think!


      1. He he, you may be right about that. Surely they have been her some billion years before we came? As for the ‘COvid-19’, I wouldn’t know, but the ‘virus family’ might have been for millions of years?!


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