In Town Today…… So Quiet


This mornings Lockdown exercise took Buster and I into Town for a change (walking on muddy fields and paths had become a bit of a chore)…..  and it did make a pleasant change. It was quiet, and that alone is a novelty for Derby, and we could walk without having to take avoiding action when meeting the occasional fellow walker.  Add sunshine and even the modern, stark Hotel Tower looked rather grand.

A much smaller hostelry (obviously closed at the moment) is the Old Silk Mill


The real Silk Mill is situated adjacent to the Inn.  One of the original mechanised industrial revolution Mills, one of several in this World Heritage Location.


In recent years, it has had a chequered and uncertain museum history.  Right now it is undergoing major renovation and the creation of a new museum (thanks to lottery money).  Exterior restoration is near completion and by the noises from within work continues at a pace.

It was here, in 1833 that a Lockout of the Mill Workers occurred.  It lasted till 1834.  As a result of this action the foundations of the Labour Movement were set in motion. A mural on the side of the Inn is a reminder of those trouble times…


Troubled times continue today.  Today it is the challenges of  CV19 and Lockdown restrictions.  As we are now finding out there are folk that are not coping.  I found it very sad, that along this bridge leading to Sant Mary’s Church, notices have been a fixed,  messages of hope, for those who are perhaps contemplating taking drastic action.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

4th February

(C) David Oakes 2021