Thoughtful Thursday…….. Hope

Some sunshine

Daffodils for Hope….

There is a suggestion gathering pace, that after such a dreadful Winter, a winter in which we have all had to adapt our lives because of Covid 19, that we need some ideas, something we can share, to give us all hope. 

One of those suggestions, and hopefully with Spring knocking at the door, that Daffodils could be that symbol of Hope!

Perhaps, we can all collectively,  display an image of Daffodils, it would show we care and that we are optimistic that Spring, will soon lead us all, onto those hoped for better days.

Well I have made a start, I have an image of Daffodils in my office window for all to see..

…..  and of course it also has that important message  …..

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

4th February

(C) David Oakes 2021


5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday…….. Hope

  1. We have something called Daffodil Days here in the USA. It’s a fundraiser and with each purchase of a bunch of lovely, perky daffodils, proceeds go to the American Cancer Society for research and patient services. They truly are a symbol of hope.

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