The Port of Ravenglass, Eskdale, Cumbria

In the shadow of the Cumbrian Mountains, one the northern edges of Morecambe Bay and overlooking the Irish Sea, can be found the old Port of Ravenglass.   It doesn’t look much like a port, just a few hints that relate to its past maritime history….. but make no mistake that this was once a very busy Port.

From Roman times, through to at least the 1940’s, Ravenglass was a Port of some importance.  At both ends of that time spectrum it has been a vital strategic and then commercial link, though its fortunes did fluctuate.   There is no harbour infrastructure, no docks.  Vessels were sailed in on the high tide and left beached as the tide went out.  It was then a frantic exercise to either unload or load the vessel before the tide came in on its twice a day cycle.

The Romans built a road from Ravenglass, up through Eskdale, to link into their major highways they had built through Britain. They also built a Fort and Bath House “Glannoventa” at Ravenglass.

In 1875 a narrow gauge steam railway was built to carry minerals from the Cumbrian Fells.  Today that Railways is a major Tourist attraction now carrying visitors on a dramatically scenic ride through Eskdale.

A visit to Ravenglass is a step back in history……   all peaceful now, but once a centre of much activity.

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18th March

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