Silent Sunday……. Off to Church


This past year I have relied upon archive images for the Sunday series.  When thinking about what to bring you this Sunday my thoughts recalled, not the grandeur of huge Cathedrals, but two ‘tiny’ and remote Churches.

Above is St. Martins in Martindale, Cumbria. It split stone roof still keeps out the elements . Built in 1635, on a site of an even older building, St. Martins has served a small Hill Sheep Farming community across the centuries.  Although the Church and Martindale are less than 2 miles from major Lake District Tourist hot spots, the Dale remains quiet and surprisingly remote.  It remains a treat for those in the know and as a surprise for those who stumble across Martindale by accident..

Many, many miles away, in a different country, to the north and over the seas, is the other Church we will visit today.  It can be found on the Faroe Islands

Saksun, Faroe Islands

It is Saksun Church.  Located at the head of a Fjord which it overlooks, Saksun is located in the north west of the Faroes, in the community of Streymoy. Saksun Church, built in 1858, sports a traditional Grass Roof as opposed to spit stone of St. Martin’s. But Saksun does have similarities to St. Martins, apart from its remote location.  The Church also supports a small isolated Hill Sheep Farming Community.

Very different countryside, but a very similar remoteness… which gives both churches a rather special magical feel.

Peace and tranquillity, places to contemplate…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

16th May

(C) David Oakes 2021

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