Silent Sunday….. Maybe Not !


Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Bedruthan Steps are barely a handful of miles, as the Sea Gull flies, from where the Premier Leaders of our Global World have been meeting for the G7.  It strikes me that much is choreographed ahead.  Maybe that is as well, or maybe not.  Many of us have experienced those meetings where individual ego and rivalry mix with intractable opinion.  Often we questioned… ‘Did we achieve anything’  

Not sure if the political decision making, over the World, has been clear and decisive over this past year or so. This at the very time when we did need positive leadership for these tough times.  I rather fear that delay has lead to many poor decisions being made.

Any critical comment is derided as that of hindsight.  Of course we should always reflect back on our achievements and the failures, then learn the lessons for the future.

Never the less,  good management also requires clear forward thinking, anticipating the problems, positive decision making and acting quickly to tackle the issue and other that may arise.  Expect the unexpected.

Being cynical…..  Maybe, those at the G7, would achieve more by a walk along this beach.  More perhaps than sat around a Conference Table, each Delegate trying to ensure that the right personal sound bite is reported by the hovering Media hawks.  At least on the Beach….  there would be the bonus of some real fresh air for clear thinking heads, with only the Sea Gulls to hear their elite thoughts.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

13th June

(C) David Oakes 2021

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