World Book Day….. This is my choice


” If the Corncrake Calls “

I can pick this book up and open on any random page  and immediately be taken back to rural life in the South West of Scotland. Ian Niall ( birth name John McNeillie,  1916-2002 ) for much of his young life, lived on a tenanted farm with his grandparents.  His writings over many years capture his life and experiences in a time when farming was tough, the location whilst tougher, was also so intricately bound to the natural cycle of the countryside, a countryside he observed and loved.  It is not a story of one persons life but of a great many country folk from the young to the very old.  

Ian Niall’s writings were recorded over many years… today we benefit from the work of his daughter Sheila Pehrson who has compiled a selection for us in this superb book.

This collection was published in 2016 by ‘The In Pinn’

ISBN: 978-1-906000-94-3

Ebook ISBN; 978-1-906000-95-0


At a time when we all need to reflect and hope for better times, can I ask you all to…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

3rd March

(C) David Oakes 2022



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    1. I have to admit it is about an area of Scotland that even today is so similar to those in the book. A quiet rural landscape. A different Scotland to the northern Highlands that get all the headlines today.


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