A Good Idea……………


Spotted this morning…. a ‘Free’ Book left beside a Park bench.  

It is not a new idea, an idea that had started to prove popular prior to the arrival of Covid. and then everything as we know changed.  

It was a simple idea, leave a book for someone else to take and read….  it was also suggested that you could exchange to book for one of your own…. or simply make a book donation, any genera. 

As many now struggle to balance their budgets, at a time when Public Libraries are being closed, this is an easy way to help others enjoy a good read.

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Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

21st March

(C) David Oakes 2022

7 thoughts on “A Good Idea……………

  1. I use my library regularly. I love it. And I donate new books I’ve purchases. I was told, if they don’t have it, they keep it. If they do have it. They put it on their for sale shelf and make purchases with the proceeds of sales. I use to leave them behind.

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  2. In addition to our public libraries, in the last several years, Little Free Lending Libraries have sprouted up in a lot of places. If you haven’t heard of these, someone constructs a water-proof box of some kind, gets permission to place it in a public area, and fills it with free books. Anyone can take or leave books there. It’s a truly nice idea.

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    1. In many villages and more remote areas, the Iconic Red British Telephone Box (now mainly redundant) are used by some small communities as a book exchange location. We are supposed to have made progress as a society yet so many of our social amenities have long gone or have been reduced to levels so low that you know they will soon disappear. I could go on about Food Banks, etc…. the tragedy is that so many of those seeking food assistance, are not unemployed, but working families…… and that gap between the poor and the rich just gets bigger – then we have the superrich and of course Politicians playing politics for their own gain and not to assist society. Moan over

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  3. Beautiful idea, in here much more about food there is donate because economics of our leader hitting us so badly… Thank you, Love, nia

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  4. I enjoy looking in the pop up book libraries you see in some neighbourhoods, although I rarely see anything I want. It’s a good idea to pass them on if you don’t like to re-read.


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