Signs of the Times…….

Folk have always put up signs telling us what to do, or not to do, some helpful other just obstructive, many  are  to establish ownership….THIS IS MINE – KEEP OFF.  Some shops even have signs explaining why they are rude to customers! 

May be it is a habit that has become more prevalent as we post messages on the blog, Facebook, twitter and the rest. So I guess it is no surprise that any self respecting household that wants to be ‘in tune’ with fashion, displays a sign or two about their home.  Every Garden Centre, Gift Shop and Décor Boutique have masses to make your choice from….


It would seem that most of these signs are produced in China then shipped halfway round the world for us to grace the kitchen, bathroom or wherever. China the historical land of proverbs…..I wonder what they make (apart from a load of dosh) of our modern day sayings and proverbs?

31st August

© David Oakes 2013