Goodbye July……


Time to say goodbye to July.  Another month gone and another step nearer Autumn.  July weather has been both hot, for most of the time, but also in places very stormy with bursts of heavy rain.

Most of our local fields are now looking as if they are nearly ready for Harvest.  So as we enter August lets hope the weather provides the right conditions to enable a bumper crop.

Even though the months pass us by at a relentless speed, we still have to live with Covid as best we can.

Which means that we must still…. 

Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

31st July

(C) David Oakes 2021

July…. A new Month


Welcoming in July is always for me one of mixed emotions.  Celebrating the Summer Solstice has always seemed right…but somehow the start of July is more sombre, it really does mark for me the start of the slow retreat to the end of another year.  Our Winter was mild, Spring has been wonderful and so far Summer has been a mix of rain and heatwave. So lets hope the rest of the summer is weather perfect and leads us to another great autumn…and then I would settle for a mild Winter again!

July is also the month when Dahlia’s start to come into their very own colourful world.  Big and blousy, intricate or just delicate, the mix of colour and style is just great

Dahlia White Star

With luck they will be with us till the first frosts…so that should mean several colourful months to come

Dahllia Red

Welcome July….. I hope you live up to expectations

1st July

(C) David Oakes 2019

1st July and Summer arrived…


Lavender Steps at Mottistone Manor, Isle of Wight

Yesterday was the 1st July, with temperatures reaching 36c it was a scorcher … was also a record high for July. You could say that at last we felt that summer had arrived.

Although the above image isn’t from yesterday I thought it suitably hot, sunny and fitting an image to celebrate the arrival of July…hope you like.

2nd July
(C) David Oakes 2015

Gardening …is not an exact science!

Just been doing a last minute tidy of our garden.  We try to grow a variety of plants, colourful and varied – sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. So we have reached the conclusion that no matter what soil improvers, mulches, fertilisers and feed we give the garden, nor how much personal care and attention they receive….it is the plants that want to grow that grow.  The others disappear into the ground never to be seen again. In other words ‘they select us’

Weeds of course just thrive, much to the benefit of birds and wildlife….and we add to that hospitality for the birds by regularly feeding them throughout the year.

It is probably precisely that which has resulted in the start of a healthy crop of wheat appearing amongst the flowers….and no doubt just like the weeds they WILL SURVIVE! (but not enough for a loaf I fear)


17th July

© David Oakes 2013

Heat Wave….

Our British obsession with the weather continues….as does our amazement that the heat wave, that we have enjoyed for two weeks now, continues.  After two years of record rains, record winds and the lowest of colds and deepest of snow on record….. we now have record high temperatures.  No doubt cool by some folks standards but 31c for us is HIGH!   No complaints here.


Our second flush of flowers in the garden have yet to break into full bloom but the Day Lilly is leading the way…its hot orange colour matching the temperatures. A touch more cooler are our standard lilies…….


and of course Cosmos add even more warm colours to the abundance of greens……


Soon the high summer blooms will fill the garden then all too soon the autumnal colours will appear.

New Blogs may be a little rare over the next few weeks as we are off on holiday.  Whilst I will have my camera with me it is not planned to be like many years – a working holiday.  With luck I will make the occasional posting and some of the destinations may just surprise you….wait and see.

16th JULY

© David Oakes 2013