A White Carpet…….


Wild Garlic….

I had a pungent reminder yesterday…. walking along our river bank there was that unmistakable aroma of Garlic.  The Wild Garlic season is with us.  It is the leaves that are the culinary harvest for wild food foragers.  There were though just a few White Garlic Stars starting to appear…….  they reminded me of a visit a few years ago to the Beech Woods on Wenlock Edge, Shropshire.  A white carpet of stars across the woodland floor was unexpected and a wonderful surprise.  An experience never forgotten and probably will not be repeated.  


Please Remember to ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

8th April

(C) David Oakes 2021

Wild Garlic Time….


Wenlock Edge, Shropshire

A lush carpet of white stars under tall Beech trees. A unique aromatic perfume fills the air…… its Wild Garlic.
Wild Garlic is becoming quite a fashionable plant to forage for. Wild Garlic Pesto is becoming a Chefs favourite…. but please forage with care and responsibly….don’t destroy this wild wonder of nature.
I think we are all seeing that the wildlife all about us, is benefiting from the restrictions currently placed upon us…. times have changed.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th May
(C) David Oakes 2020

A Bitter Sweet Aroma…….


Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic must be the wild flower success of the past few years.  The latin name is Allium ursinum, also know as Ransoms and by many other old country names such as Bears Garlic and Wood Garlic amongst others.

It has spread prolifically in those parts of the woodlands that it loves.  You cannot miss it. At first you become aware of its presence by its distinctive Garlic aroma and then once you catch sight of the distinctive broad green foliage and white star like flowers, you cannot be mistaken.

For years it has been a culinary wild herb secret.  But all of a sudden Wild Garlic has become fashionable with top Chefs…..and what they find trendy soon spreads to others. The fact that anyone can forage for it themselves is both an attraction and pit fall. The pit fall is that in some locations, once discovered and if gatherers have easy access, areas of Wild Garlic are being stripped and trampled in the process.

Those interested in giving it a culinary whirl you can find many suggested recipes, just Google or Bing “Wild Garlic”.  For Pasta lovers can I suggest you try making a Wild Garlic Pesto from one of the many variations published recipes.

21st April

(C) David Oakes 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective


The small ‘Star’ like flower  heads of Wild Garlic carpet the floor below giant Beech trees stretching away to infinity…….  Perspective.

Wenlock Edge, Shropshire

8th March

© David Oakes 2014

The LAST day of May……..

I couldn’t let May depart without making some comments on what has been an unpredictable month.  March was the coldest on record, April was the wettest and now May has been the coldest since 1968….despite some great sunny days, it has also been very wet. But May wasn’t leaving without making its mark and today the temperatures actual reached 23c.  WOW

It has also been a month were at long last the trees came into leaf and the plants and vegetation burst upon us with a vengeance, but not in the usual order of things natural.  Take this Azalea, it is one we have in a pot on the patio.  It has until this year been the first to grace us with its small (2.5cm) Salmon Pink Flowers…usually late March early April.  This year it has taken till the 31st May to reach full blossom…..


Over in the woods Wild Garlic is now starting to break cover bringing with it that special smell that says spring  is  here…


It is more usual to find it in the woods just as the canopy is forming rather than here in dark shadow….


The wet and recent warm days have ensured that Cow Parsley is to be the prolific plant of hedgerow and woodland glade reaching depths and heights I have not seen before…..


The young Oak leaves are also full of goodness and rich in colour but I also reckon that it is going to be a bumper year for the Hawthorn which is now in full flower……


Elsewhere in the woods wild Rhododendron add their colour whilst on the meadows on the edge of the woods a carpet of yellow is arriving…




Back in the garden everything is also full of life, the Clematis is currently at its best, doing its very best to hide the fence…..





It may be the end of May but it also marked a first and not one to be welcomed.  It was the first day we had a Bee in the garden.  We are told over the U.K. they are a rare specie this year, wet summers and cold winters adding to the loss of habitat and nectar plants for them.  So this Bee taking a close look at the cornflower was indeed welcome…but is soon ‘buzzed off’, so apologies for this hasty shot….but a chance I didn’t want to miss…


Yes, a very welcome visitor who I do hope will return with some of its friends…..though I am none to sure that Buster our Head of Security would agree.  He was stung last year and now keeps his distance….


So there we have it, May has been and gone.  I wonder if June will break any more weather records. 

Just think ONLY 21 days till mid-summer’s day….hard to believe isn’t it!


31st May

© David Oakes 2013