Not what was expected….


Just like Spring !

My post this morning described the uncertainty, both of the weather and the forecasts.

Living in this part of middle England we are aware that we do appear to enjoy a micro climate.  Often surrounded by weather very much different to ours.  Today there is Snow to the North, to the West, East and the very South.  Reports of the coldest day of the Winter and predicted to get colder ….. we wait to see.

So today we have enjoyed a Bonus Day…. a day of sunshine and blue skies with some fluffy white clouds…. just like a Spring day should be.

Daffodil’s have forced their way through the ground, looking healthy but not yet a raft of yellow, but cannot now be far off

Even the boundary walls looked rather special with moss and ivy…

As the day closes, I do have to ponder on just what tomorrow will bring…. maybe that promised snow, maybe rain or maybe another  bonus day….


No point in bothering about tomorrow, and as the sun goes down, there is still time to enjoy today.


As always, wherever you are, whatever your weather ….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th March

(C) David Oakes 2023