Seasonal Change has begun


A bright warming sun and blue sky could fool you into thinking that September is still mid summer.  Indeed it is great to be out and about with the slightly lower temperatures making it invigoratingly fresh. But you do not have to look far for the signs of seasonal change. 


Berries are reaching the end of their fruit span and being replaced by Sweet Chestnuts. Thistle, Cow Parsley and Willowherb are setting their seeds and ensuring that it is dispersed widely to grow again next year whilst other leaves are showing signs of the years wear and tear.






























Even so the occasional Bee take a last spin about the garden making the most of the late harvest…..


Some leaves are falling….as yet not many but enough to say Autumn will soon be upon us……





9th September

© David Oakes 2014

11 thoughts on “Seasonal Change has begun

  1. Ohh wow, David. FAB!! To get that wonderful bumblebee so sharp. One could gently stroke her furry coat.

    Yes, Autumn is about 6 weeks too early according to our nature program on Sunday morning on the radio between 7 and 10. They too are suprised. I have found many chesnuts which are on my sideboard looking smart en slowly wrinkleling. It’s the season of some warm days but with fresh nights and, as said before, floating horses and cows in the fiels because of the ground mists. I made a few photos of two horses yesterdaymorning. They friends, 5 sheep, were invicible in the ground fog. 😀


      • He he, That reminds me: When you obtain status as ‘pensioned’; when you’re about to do everything that you haven’t had the time to do earlier in life? Suddenly you find that the days are no longer long enough to do so?!
        It’s kind of hard to realize that you have been getting slower and slower by the months, and it’s all you!
        You need twice as much time to get a chore done than you once did! Believe it!


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