A Winter Walk…..


Just a little snow to add some sparkle to our mid-January walk yesterday.  Maybe we will get some more snow before the winter is out, but so far nothing to speak of.

Our walk starts at the rather majestic Stable Block at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. Then we headed down past the Hall and then on up to the Deer Shelter.

  Then it is onto the woods that form the estate surrounding the Hall.  Always worth an explore…



Being an old woodland with many veteran trees, time and weather has extracted its vengeance.  But it is a woodland in which Tolkien could have drawn inspiration for his wild trees…. yep, they could sprout legs and walk straight into his books.



The Lake was frozen, not sure just where the water birds vanish too in what must be tough times for them….



Remember the Deer Shelter at the start of our walk.  It is a rather special building, well worth exploring. It was built in the days when the estate had a large herd of Deer.  Of course, the herd was a source of food for the Hall.  But its location was deliberately chosen, whilst designed for the welfare of the Deer, a place for food and water…..  it also ensured that the Deer regularly congregate. so could easily be seen from the Hall by Host and Guests.


It was just the sort of walk that Buster loves, it may be cold under paw but at least there was no mud to wade through and bring home to share with all ….  🙂


The winter sun remained with us all day, but even at midday failed to rise much above the horizon….


The weekend is here…. I hope you can relax after the week’s toils, able to recharge your batteries, either at home or out and about in the fresh air, wherever and whatever the weather…. but as always…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

21st January

(C) David Oakes 2023