Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh Shiny


An Arctic Sunset 

My “Ooh Shiny“…the topic for this weeks DP Photo Challenge…has to be sunsets.  Hard to resist grabbing the camera and trying my best to do one of natures wonders justice.

Each is very different, unique to the moment a moment that constantly changes, a moment that is unpredictable and often sneaks up on us when least expected.

The sunset above was one such evening.  A cloudy evening at mid-summer as we headed towards the Arctic Circle the cloud suddenly eased away just in time to give us another wondrous display of colour…… another Ooh Shiny for my collection.

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17th August

(C) David Oakes 2017

17 thoughts on “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh Shiny

  1. Absolutely magnificent! We have the rare opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. I am sure there will be many posts with photographs of this. The next one for us is 39 years. It passes almost directly overhead where I live. Unfortunately, I will be traveling that day when it crosses Kansas City about 1 pm. With that said, it won’t compare to this photograph.


    • Witnessed once…..we were in Scotland and we watched its progress up from the south of England on TV. It was all over for the TV cameras as we were so far north they never even thought of joining us!! I recall the birds going quiet and a stillness. A real moment in time 🙂


  2. Every clear day I get this present of Mother Nature. My windows are looking North West en West and I am in the top appartment of a lone standing ‘tower’ block. 6 Stories… 🙂
    And they never get boring. Like you said, all are totally different. I need the courage to delete a few hundred of them and try to figure out the best ones to keep. A few years ago it was breathtakingly special. The whole sky was bloodred! Magical. Thanks for this one David. It’s so gorgious.

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