Silent Sunday….The Weeping Window


Hardly seems a year since Derby hosted, for a few short weeks, this magnificent tribute to those who sacrificed so much in WW1 and the conflicts that have followed….. But a year it is, and still talked about by many as a very fitting tribute in a unique location.


The Silk Mill, Derby.


A Silent Reminder for Silent Sunday

17th June

(C) David Oakes 2018

6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday….The Weeping Window

  1. A great artistisc reminder of what we, humans are capable of. All we can do is hope it won’t happen again.

    • It is still happening across our world…. And even across Europe there is still great intolerance and hate….. Sad reflection on society that still hasn’t learned

    • I missed it when it was first introduced to us in London… was just so busy. So it was a welcome surprise when little old Derby was one of the locations selected on a UK tour. Not as big as the Tower of London’s display but the big benefit was that here you could get up close which I think we found we could relate to and much more moving. (Derby had to be selected as a location as the designer/artist/sculptor and the factory that made the poppies was based in Derby)

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