Wells Cathedral…a Must See



Wells Cathedral, Somerset

On our current tour we couldn’t leave Somerset without visiting Wells Cathedral. Lets give it its proper name  ” The Cathedral Church of Saint Andrews”.

Like most Cathedrals, Wells Cathedral is built on an earlier religious site this one dating back to around 700ad.  The Cathedral we see today was built between 1175 and1490.

Whilst the exterior is dramatic, bold and finely detailed it is the interior in a Gothic style  equally bold but could well be mistaken for a contemporary design that takes most visitors by surprise…. crisp modern yet full of the usual overpowering sense of being.

Wells is also the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells and an equally stylish Bishops Palace hides its charms away behind the Cathedral… and missed by many.

So share with us a brief visit to Wells Cathedral…




Apart from the Cathedral, Wells is a lovely City (on a small scale) to visit.  But it is well and truly on the Tourist Trail…Coach Parties are a major feature in visitor numbers. So pop along late afternoon for a more peaceful atmosphere in the Cathedral and if you are there around 6pm you can listen to the music and singing of Evensong echoing round the high ceilings of the nave…enjoy


6th July

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      • You mean that they were made by craftsmen who really knew how to work the stone? Real stonemasons who took all the time needed? Amazing how good people were already then. Bet nowadays there won’t me many people able to do this the same way.


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