Saturday Quandary……


The River Dee at Braemar, Scotland.

We have had some rain…not a lot!  But the weather forecast for the weekend is rather dire with Storm Debby on the way.  What isn’t certain is the course she will take which means that for some of us across the UK a shower or two, others torrential downpours and a few will escape with nothing at all.

So I thought that this image, taken a couple of years ago,  of an approaching storm over Royal Deeside was perhaps appropriate for this weekend.

11th August

(C) David Oakes 2018


4 thoughts on “Saturday Quandary……

  1. This area is where my mother-in-law’s family came from before they moved to Australia. We visited 5 years ago and fell in love with it on a beautiful summer day. Thanks for taking me back.

    • I hope it brought back lots of good memories for you. The area is one of my very favourites, not just Royal Deeside but the Cairngorms in who’s shadow the river flows. As to the weather, well I have enjoyed many days of sunshine but also, snow and of course rain. The weather gives the area its character and adds to the charm. I hope you manage to visit again 🙂

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