So Far….. So Good



Sunny Sunday Morning, Darley, Derbyshire

Storm Atiyah was due to ravage the UK this weekend….and indeed it has brought gales, high seas and heavy rain.  Sunday out TV Weather Forecasters and the maps presented showed, that whilst we here in our little part of the country were not in the eye of the storm, we best batten down the hatches and be cautious if we had to head out.  For those not far away from us who have suffered badly in the resents floods it must have been the news they did not want to hear.

Luckily good fortune seems to be on our side and we could all breath a little more easily.

Even today, Monday morning, the warnings are in place.  But again we appear to have been very lucky…just another rather nice sunny December day.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the week which we are told is going to be full of wet and windy ups and downs…we will see.

9th December

(C) David Oakes 2019


A Sunny Start….makes a Welcome Change


The Stable Block, Darley Abbey

Monday morning and we have sunshine….that is a very welcome change after a sustained period of heavy rains and what seemed like constant dark skies….quite a change from the weekend…


Mid Sunday Morning, Allestree Lake

Just hope that this current dry spell will give some hope and much needed relief for those who are still struggling with floods and the aftermath.

18th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

Its been a strange summer…..


Its has not been a bad summer, nor has it been brilliant…it has been a little like the Curates Egg…. Good in Places!

The extremes from extreme heat to monsoon like rains did bring us a few surprises in the gardens, mostly good surprises. However there have been some disappointments.  The heavy rains did cause some damage with there ferocity.  The sun really stimulated lots of lush growth. The colours have been spectacular…but there have been some disappointing results.  Some of those plants we have as staples of the summer garden took off fast, growth was much thicker than usual, then sadly have ‘flowered themselves out’ long before they would normally vanish for another year….. petunias long gone

The Hydrangeas have been the stars, particularly pleasing this season.  During the heatwave they did for the most part survive that scorching heat. The large lush bushes then had to stand firm against the heavy rains, rains which were often accompanied by high winds.  Of all the colours the White varieties seem to have come thru the best of all…  but here we are nearly at September, and whilst some Hydrangea’s look stressed, most will be here till the first frosts…..

But till autumn arrives lets continue to enjoy the colour of summer and the first hints of seasonal change…. just thinking of all those berries and fruits to come..

24th August

(C) David Oakes 2019

T’was a Stormy Night….. for many


Our weather systems are all topsy turvy these days.  Rapid swings from record extreme heat to Torrential Rains then gale force winds. Gone are the days when the seasons were predictable.

10th August

(C) David Oakes 2019