A (not so) Silent Sunday…and off to a Palace, Mosque and Castle (all in one!)


The Royal Palace of Alcazar, Seville

It is understandable a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Its origins go back to before the 8th century BC. To say it has had a chequered history is perhaps an understatement and after much religious turmoil it is rather surprising that anything remains. Most of the Palace you see today is based upon the Castilian construction of the mid 1300AD.  But much of the foundations are upon the much earlier Abbadid Muslim Residential Palace and Fortress.


But Alcazar is in fact more then one Palace, several are seamlessly inter-linked.

The Architecture incorporates much of the Mudejar style and design.  The stonework is creative and skilful in its execution in places replicating intricate Lace work, in others much more like stalactites from a cave. The colour will also leave an impression, all heavy and vibrant, Ochre, Yellow, Red , Blue and of course Gold. The tiles themselves are yet another art form to be admired… they are much more than a decorative feature but tell a religious Muslim story.  It is though the ceilings that are so spectacular, the rich gold and jewels reflecting light to the darker interior.


Alcazar is till used as a Royal Palace by the Spanish Royal Family, so occasionally there are visitor restrictions.  At other times you will find it very busy but not unpleasantly so. The best advice is to book your tickets in advance top avoid the long queues and if you can,  join a guided tour to maximise your visit.

30th September 2018


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  1. Well that’s had a double tick on the bucket list – how did I miss this – I was trolling your Off to Church posts as I am about to copy in your style – ha ha and came across this – just perfect

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