Almeria….Spanish with a Moroccan Flavour


Ancient and modern in both architecture and culture.  North Africa mixes well here in a truly Spanish style.


The City is dominated by the ruins of the Cathedral Fortress, Alcazaba built as a defence against Barbary Pirate Raids (sadly it was barricaded off for our visit to allow Filming of Wonder Woman!) but still an impressive statement about Almeria.

Almeria is truly a city that has embraced modern culture yet has retained its historical past. A Spanish Beach resort blends into a vibrant Commercial City that has retained all the essential elements of its culture, a culture that has been influenced by all religions and peoples from across Europe, North Africa and further afield. Busy, yet relaxed in approach… a welcoming City. So lets take a tour….

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A spotless City where even the graffiti  is smart…

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1st October

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5 thoughts on “Almeria….Spanish with a Moroccan Flavour

  1. Almeria has certainly changed since I visited the city back in 1956/7.
    I no longer remember exactly, and most likely my memory is kind of fuzzy as well! 😀

    • Andalusia’s coastline has certainly seen a great deal of investment. Here in Almeria and in other locations we visited they do seem to have managed to blend and incorporate the old with the new. The countryside immediately around has become the ‘greenhouse’ of Europe, market gardening on a scale well beyond grand. 🙂

  2. FAB… such beautiful places. But Spain is too far for the train I think. And I do not fly. So maybe I will see whether there is a holiday possible next year. Doubtful between The Hanze towns in Germany and SW England and Northumbria. Particularly Dilston Physic Gardens and Hadrians Wall.

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