Wordless Wednesday….Another Favourite Place


Location:-  Dawn over the Letterewe Forest in the shadows of Slioch and Ben Airigh Char, North West Highlands of Scotland


10th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday….Another Favourite Place

    • I am pleased with that shot but also a little disappointed. I headed of very early to catch the warm sunrise, (I pictured in my mind a rich red dawn…we had enjoyed several in that area) All the signs were there, a cloudless sky was encouraging, then just as approached the rise a hazy layer of cloud came from nowhere. As I say I am pleased with the shot and red sky or not this is always one of my favourite places….even though more often than not its is raining and the midges are bighting 🙂

  1. But you did catch the lake that shines in de early sunshine and the little (?) tree on the left slope.
    It’s very moody with wonderful colours.

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