Two days to go……


Two days to go… to Halloween that is.

But it is not too late to get your magic potions and spells…. or maybe a new pointy hat or why not upgrade your Crystal Ball.  Maybe a super charged Broom Stick but you have to provide your own Black Cat.  Currently out of stock of Toads and Newts.

Cash, Cards and Mystical Money Transfers accepted

29th October

(C) David Oakes 2018


6 thoughts on “Two days to go……

  1. Oh my. FUN!! We jokingly speak of ‘my’ Nimbus 3300 XXF, none of the brooms havs ever showed this hidden flying power of them. CCF stands for Extra Extra flyer… of course. 😀
    I do have two. A tiny one which is parked for decoration this time of the year next to the balconly doors and a big one that I have standing outside my front door. With a little flag with a black cat on a pumpkin.
    Furthermore I have made three large ‘cauldrons’ of lovely fresh made pumpkin soup and what’s left I boil as a veg. Very colourful and also very tasty. Two of large pans went to a familiy whi recently arrived in this country. The knowledge there is no meat in the soup convinced them to try it. The kids loved it and were allowed to cme with us Truck & Treatin’ last Saturday evening. It were grand! So much fun and not just witches, but zombies too. Loads of them. 😀 😀

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