One Week on…..

The Beech Trees lost all there leaves during this week. Last Sunday my favourite Silver Birch was still in leaf…this Sunday whilst most have gone it stubbornly hangs on to a few.  For a tree that normally drops first…that ain’t bad.

18th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

Silent Sunday…..So off to Church


Saint Nicholas, The Parish Church of Kimmeridge, Dorset

The Dorset Coast of England faces out towards the English Chanel.  It is a rugged coastline with valleys sweeping down to the sea, it is within many of these that tiny villages and hamlets have existed for centuries.

Kimmeridge is just one of them, found at the end of a winding road that leads you to the Bay.

Hiding away as you enter the village is the Parish Church of Saint Nicholas. I say hiding as it is totally surrounded by trees. I also suspect that the many thousands of visitors to the bay never ever spot this little village gem.


It may be hidden, but not from the locals who obviously take great pride in maintaining there place of worship.

Saint Nicholas has a long history.  Parts of the structure date back to the 12th century, though like most religious buildings the site was probably used for religious worship before then. The Porch was added in the 13th century and the Outside Bellcote later still in the 15th century. But time took is toll and much of the main body of the church was rebuilt in 1872.

It may be a very small church but is no less important to the village today….. and as we know small is often beautiful. Its location adding to the peace and solitude and a space to think.

As for Kimmeridge Bay itself… well it is one of the important gems along Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast.  The Bay itself is a beauty spot in its own right, add to it Fossil and Geological Trails. The Kimmeridge Collection of Jurassic Fossils and skeletons, a Marine Centre plus Underwater Trails in the clear waters of the Bay and you realise just why the Bay is such a Tourist magnet…. if none of those interest you…. the just enjoy the scenery


18th November

(C) David Oakes 2018