A Little Self Indulgence….


At the weekend our little Great Granddaughter Esmee came calling.

It seems impossible but true that in just over a month Esmee will be one year old.  Once again the year has done a vanishing act…..and the trouble is its getting faster each year.

Now crawling and drinking out of cups, Esmee is a very confident little lady….


No doubt Santa will be bringing her lots of presents.


Indulgence over…normal service will be back tomorrow!  🙂

26th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

18 thoughts on “A Little Self Indulgence….

  1. I could do with more of this, David. She’s a beautiful little girl with very beautiful eyes. Thank you for sharing and yes… you are 100% allowed to be a vert proud grand parent. Seeing this, I know I am missing this. But such stories make me happy and feeling a wee fuzzy. 😀

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