Red Sky in the Morning Shepherds Warning…..


I guess many of us can recite the old rhyme about Red Sky. A warning of bad weather or maybe good weather and depending upon what you had been taught it was either a Sailor or Shepherd to whom the advice was addressed.

The morning broke with a sky on fire so best watch out…and even the weather forecaster are predicting some inclement weather ahead.  Thankfully by the time I wrote this late afternoon that forecast and prediction hadn’t come about…just another glorious December day…one that perhaps did indicate that winters is here.

The sky eventually turned to blue with a frost on the ground (only a touch of frost) and a misty horizon…


The now bare fronds of the Silver Birch wafted in the northerly breeze


A breeze that did little to move the mighty Oak

But we headed for our favourite stand of ‘bent’ Beech trees.

Once planted many, many years ago to form a boundary hedge, a hedge that estate workers started to ‘lay’ by bending and cropping the young trees and for some reason abandon.  Being left to there own devices the Beech has reverted to norm and reached up to the sky….the only clue to there past being the bent trunks at the base.



Not a bad day for mid December a day that still feels more autumnal than winter

15th December

(C) David Oakes 2018