Please forgive me from straying from my usual style of Blog and I hope you will understand why.

At this time of the year there is a good deal of attention paid by the Media to those folk who are Homeless, Charities redouble there efforts to make us aware of the plight suffered by many.  Often referred to as Rough Sleepers the issue is much deeper than that…it is a very real and growing problem for individuals and families in the UK.

Many seem to dismiss the Homeless..  its their own fault.  Well for a growing number of individuals and families it is a situation far from there own making.

For many years Charities have taken the strain and local governments have struggled to keep up.  Our National Government seems to have taken an arms length policy saying it is local issue to be solved. Yet the Government has been starving those that are providing that support of vital cash, cash that underpins their work. At a growing time of need they effectively reduce the support, not by a little but progressively by a lot.

Changes to Benefit schemes seem to be adding to family wows, employment conditions that have gone backwards in quality, lower pay, uncertain hours of work, security.  A Housing Shortage, of both affordable housing and social housing,  which in turn has seen private landlords hiking up Rents way above natural inflation.

Homelessness is a terrible situation to be in for any individual….but there are now many families who have to live in B&B accommodation. BUT even then it is not secured or guaranteed, often requiring families to move every night to different accommodation.  Constantly on the move taking all there possessions with them.

I am aware that there are folk in other parts of the World that suffer, not just from being homeless but also enduring the ravages of war or natural disasters. Indeed our Government is usually quick to respond with aid and support where ever it is able and is right to do so.

Which begs the question…..why at the end of 2018, in a country with an economy that the Government insists is the 5th largest in the world,  is the Issue of Homelessness such a growing problem. It is a problem this Government has made worse. It states it wants to reduce homelessness by 2021 but appears to do little to solve the issue, yet predicts further funding cuts…….NO its not a problem…. its a tragedy.




17th December

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  1. Yes it is a tragedy, dear David. To be honest, I didn’t think that this problem to be there too… Politicians can’t drive well enough in this century and every year problems are coming more and more…. I hope and wish a better world for all of us. Thanks and Love, nia


    • The surroundings of being homeless in the UK may not be as severe or dramatic as some areas in this world but for the families and individuals its just as traumatic….. our current Government only pays lip service to so called support and help. Very sad

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  2. ‘Political memory’ ought to be sold in bottles! Others will tell you that there are no ‘shorter’ things in life but ‘political memory’, but I have an idea for all newspapers all over the world:
    The last week prior to any election around the world, the different papers(magazines/TV-stations ought to stream
    videos showing what our politicians once promised and perhaps comment on what had been done (or not) so far!
    To remind people, making them aware of lies or promises not delivered on? If only 10% of the voters heeded the warningss, it might create a ‘political landslide’ ?


  3. Thank you, David. Homelessness is a growing worry all over the Globe and so called rich countries have them too. There were always people having to sleep rough. But the last decade that number is growing scarily hard. It can happen to anyone. Even to millionairs. After they lost everything. It’s easy to shout out loud: It’s your own fault. Yes, sometimes it is. Most of the times it isn’t.
    Overhere, our Firebrigade launched the idea to help our Foodbank. It ‘s not going unseen as many people buy good food and some extras for it’s X’mas. In this village live nearly 60.000 people. Over 400 live from the Dole. Sheer poverty. I know, been there, done that and got loads of Tshirts. All gone by now. Not much of a quality… 😉
    About 80 kids overhere live in such poverty. At the Fire Station not just food arrives. Also X’mas pressies for the kids. It’s good to read many people help. I hope we can solve this by acting differently. It can be done. It IS done in Finland. Bring homeless people back into society with a job and a proper place to live, One by one… it works.

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  4. The government doesn’t care about the poor, or homeless population because they can’t get anything FROM them. The don’t count. The government can give themselves raises but refuse to raise minimum wage to a LIVABLE wage. If you don’t have money you don’t matter. They pay lip service to everything but do little to nothing to help. They don’t want women to have a choice but refuse to take care of homeless children or provide health care for the ones who are already here. They just lie and expect us to believe them. People have no control over their lives. Laws can be made without our knowledge or agreement and we are expected to live with the decisions made by others, without our input. The government put people on the street and they don’t actually care what happens to them. They would rather spend money on insane wars, where kids die. All they care about is money. People don’t enter into it.


      • It not just seems that way, it IS. Big companies are more and more governing the countries. Politicians sell their souls to them. Everywhere Big corporations turn out to have their fingers and whole hand firmly stuck in the governments. That is why hard fought benefits for workers and for people that need help, is being broken down.
        When I enjoyed tremendously the fact that it is now my turn to give back a littlebit, I was also told that I was an idiot as this way I would never get any richer. A mindset which is total alien to me. I want to have enough but I do not want to be rich. Becoming rich changes people. I’d rather stay me…


  5. It is the same here too in Canada – homelessness and despair is very real for many citizens. I read a meme that reference everyone responding to the uproar about the lyrics of Baby It’s Cold Outside because it’s offensive to women (not this woman – I love it!) but nobody actually cares that there are real people who are homeless who are cold outside right this very minute.


    • Sad situation just about everywhere. There was a time when millionaires, etc were also benefactors….giving back to the community, building schools, hospitals, housing schemes,creating parkland and in general sharing the benefits with all…..and all they asked, if indeed they asked anything was there name above the door. As for “Cold Outside” I rather despair that Political Correctness has gone far beyond common sense in so many aspects of our lives. Yet we can spend time legislating for PC issues yet ignore the Homeless. It is a mad bad world one in which the Trumps types seem to thrive.

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  6. There is something we could try: give the LEFT a chance again. In my country they never had that change, We always have coalitions but right wing makes a flippin’mess of it.


    • I would vote Labour tomorrow….but they are just in such disarray with Leader who sits on the fence that I would have grave doubts about the wisdom of going left in England right now. Sad situation…. no opposition to a Party not fit to Govern


      • Aye… we get to see and hear what’s going on in the House of Commons. Rather disgraceful all of it. Tradition or not, yelling and behaving like lilttle schoolboys won’t do any good at all.
        But, the enourmous loud SILENCE in our Second Chamber is just as bad. More creepy too.


  7. We have that same tragedy here in the U.S. Far too many homeless in this country where it’s said we abound in riches. And many of those homeless are our veterans and families with children. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know we need to do all we can to help and not just at Christmas time.


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