Lens – Artists Challenge # Seasonal


I have selected only one image with which to illustrate Lens-Artists Challenge #24 – SEASONAL.

Why only one image.  Well today is the 16th of December, nearly the winter solstice.  Up until a very few years ago by this time in December snow would have made not just an appearance but made us very aware of its presence. The above image was take some 4 years ago (it is in colour not monotone) and the very last occasion of snow in early December.

I guess with the recent Global Conference on Climate Change and its warnings you could perhaps say those changes are very much with us. Certainly none of our seasons, in this small part of the UK have followed the usual seasonal character’s or patterns.

So have some more fun and pop along to this link to see what others have suggested for this weeks challenge:-




 16th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

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  1. Highest time people start to realise things are changing rapidly. I always wonder, when I watch Escape to the Country, thet one the MUSTS in a capital house must be a log burner. Those are not a cleanest. Gas Central Heating is the cleanest for now. Burning wood is releasing more CO2 again which was locked into the wood. I simply do not get this. Same here… people want real fires. That’s a sheer comtradiction to what we should be doing. Really, I don’t understand it.

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