Very Un-Seasonal…….


I really need to take off this Fur Coat!

Cannot believe that we are now way past the mid point of December…. it is just so un-seasonably warm…. 13c today and possibly getting warmer.

On a morning that started so bright and welcoming one has to wonder when it will all change…..but for now we will not worry about that,   this is a  ‘Bonus’ weather of the moment.



So lets all enjoy the warm sunshine whilst we can….these young ladies certainly will not disagree with that sentiment




18th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

10 thoughts on “Very Un-Seasonal…….

  1. Beautiful photographs dear David… and yes, weather seems strange… in here too… Winter seems will be late this year… But in some reports it is expected very hard winter days in January… we will see… Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia


      • Yes, if we could, ah, if we could be able to do this and to protect our planet… Dear David, how sad this, I say, “if WE…” who is this we? humans… and makes me so sad to know that I am one of them and can’t do anything… Have a nice day, Love, nia

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        • Hi NIa… there are an awful lot of people worldwide that think like you about Global Warming and our Earth. I am one. Let ‘s try to make more people want to change behavior for the good.

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  2. Nia, I could maybe be the Fairy godmother being 69. 😀 But I am Dutch and busy to do what I can to help save the Planet. It’s too beautiful to ruin.


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