Mixed Weather…but at last Rain


Mornings this week have started so well.  Sunshine and blue skies.  The thermometer has also been at un-seasonably high, ranging round 10/11c…. for mid January that isn’t bad.

In fact the atmosphere has had the feeling of Spring arriving….. the backdrop is the forward forecast of ‘proper’ winter weather arriving over the weeks ahead. So best make the most of current sunny spell.


This winter, a Heron has taken up residence on the Lake…yesterday we spied a second Heron and activity that may indicate that they may start building a nest.  We hope so.


Spring bulbs are also starting to show through the leafy carpet in the shelter of the woods… soon Snowdrops, Daffodils the eventually Bluebells will carpet the floor.


Whilst winter so far has been rather dull and damp, we have greatly enjoyed the days of sunshine and love the signs that spring may well be on the way.  But we are also much aware that we do need rain…and indeed a good quantity of rain.

Though that was not a thought yesterday when the sun vanished and rain arrived. Getting rather wet was a feeling we had rather forgotten….. but worse may yet be ahead of us.


The rain even felt as if there was some sleet in it


17th January

(C) David Oakes 2019


5 thoughts on “Mixed Weather…but at last Rain

  1. Wonderful again. Thank you. I would suggest mrs May to visit your site for some calm. In fact… the whole House of Commons could use that. 🙂
    I was told, years ago, that herons bring good luck to the one who set eyes on this magnificent bird. May this luck be touching your whole family, David. 🙂


    • Not a bad idea….. May needs a good deal more respect that she has received from Parliament, she has worked hard trying to satisfy everyone. As for the good luck message…gratefully received, thank you 🙂


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