Silent Sunday….so Off to Church


Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire

High above the North Sea, on what is known as the East Cliffs, are the magnificent ruins of Whitby Abbey.   Its foundation date back to the 7th century and was an important Christian strong hold in Yorkshire and the North of England. It late became a Benedictine Abbey.  Like just about all other monasteries across the UK, Whitby was confiscated and destroyed by order of King Henry VIII under his Dissolution of Monasteries act of 1536.

Today these ruins have lost none of the drama that the original will have created, you are still overwhelmed by size and craftsmanship of the Abbey…..they continue to exude a spiritual feel and are rather magical.

No doubt the size and prominence above the North Sea acts as welcome landmark for sailors today as it must have done over the past 1400 years.

It is possibly no surprise that it is also one of my Favourite Places 🙂

20th January

(C) David Oakes 2019


12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday….so Off to Church

  1. As do I, Sue. I loved Whitby. But that was when I was stil able to dart up and down the cobbled streets. Today, I shall have to stay along port and the seaside. Tony Richardson of always goes to a fish&chipsshop there. Pretty high up but not bad at all. Great mushy peas, lovely fried fish and wonderful chips. Aah… miss it.


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