Moody ….. Sorry Blue Monday

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Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

Today has been dubbed by the media as Blue Monday….. seemingly apart from usually being cold, sometimes frosty and on occasions snowy, it would appear that it is more to do with the human frailties.  It is about now that our resolve to maintain those New Year Resolutions fails…..or may be common sense kicks in and recognise we are only human.

Talking of human’s, the Nine Ladies Stone Circle is now more often than not a deserted spot, yet there was a time when these moors where home to many.  The stones are Bronze Age, around 3000BC, so I guess on a January Monday, those hardy inhabitants must have been rather Blue!

I can also feel rather smug… My Resolution was NOT to make any New Year Resolutions, So I can safely say that   “I haven’t broken any”. 

21st January

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7 thoughts on “Moody ….. Sorry Blue Monday

  1. Last night, or rather, very early morning, I enjoyed the Blood moon – wolf moon. Hear that the second name comes from the US, from the indigenous people. So I like to keep it. Especially after what happend to Nathan Philips this weekend when he did a ritual for fallen soldiers. A very wise man, this elder.
    As for the moon… I had wrapped myself in my douvet as it was really cold. No, I stayed inside, but 17º is not a nice temperature to be in your nighty. :D. It was marvellous. Although not as red as on TV, there was a visible orangy brown colour. I had loved to celebrate it with fellow pagans in the Nine Ladies circle. It’s perfect for that. But a wee bit too cold, I think. Brrrr. Even in my douvet it was cold… 🙂
    Seeing it from start to the end is something I have never been able too. Always clouds in the way. But not this night. Very special. Next combination of a full moon, close to Earth and also a blood moon is supposedly in 2037. I’ll probably see from above by then. 😀


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