Sunday….. Off to Church

Lea Rhododendron Gardens

All Saints Church, Youlgreave, Derbyshire 

High on the edge of the White Peak area of Derbyshire’s Peak District, is the old lead mining village of Youlgreave,  at its centre, and a marker on the skyline for many miles around, is the Church of All Saints. Early records of 1150 indicate its was recognised as the Parish  Church…. but like many of our old English churches it was probably built on an earlier religious site.

The interior is a mix of medieval and Elizabethan.  The high wood beamed ceiling is quite something  for a local village church…. We should not judge the village of Youlgreave by todays size and country location, as Youlgreave was once a community of great commercial, mining and agricultural importance over many centuries.

There are many stone carvings both with in and outside All Saints. Two in particular caught my eye.  The one on the left bellow is thought to represent a Pilgrim.  The Ruff, Staff and Pouch are clues. On the right is a stone carved Piscina decorated with face.  It was used for washing the communion vessels.  It is thought that both date to the 12 century. Neither carving is in  their original locations having been moved during the various alterations that have been made to the fabric since 1150.

Youlgreave can be proud of its church.  Today All Saints plays an important role in the village life in the 21 century it also plays a part in maintaining many of the old religious customs, such as Well Dressing (but more of those events at a later date), Still an important village hub.

Lea Rhododendron Gardens

Sunday… and depending upon your point of view, it is either the end of a week or the start on a new week.   No matter which…. as always….

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14h May

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