It Looks Like Spring…and we feel a trifle guilty

Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

A fantastic day, sunshine and blue skies…..true it is also cold, but that is what outdoor coats are made for.  So why feel guilty.  Well not that many miles away folk are battling through snow, the news broadcasters are having a field day covering the travel difficulties, which for some is a real hardship.  So I guess we are very lucky

I did say it was cold…..look closely at the above and you can see that part of the Lake is frozen.  Over the past few days it has been completely frozen.


When we started our walk round the Lake it was still completely frozen, but as we progressed the thaw was palpable, much to the relief of the local waterfowl.

Bright and sunny, even with a thaw underway, it was a still a trifle too cold to sit and pause to enjoy this day, a day that was becoming more Spring like as each moment ticked bye.

_DSC1415qqq Now it is best not to brag too much…. we are told that tonight will be the coldest of the winter to date….. even if it is snow free!

2nd February

(C) David Oakes 2019