Spring is Bursting Out…. In Snowdrops


The Snowdrop Woodlands at Hopton Hall, Derbyshire

Mid February, with local temperatures rising to 13c plus, and gorgeous sunshine and blue skies, you could be fooled into thinking that Spring has actually arrived.

May be it is too soon to brag about this wonderful weather..… but certainly not to soon to take a walk through the woods at Hopton Hall. It is a visual feast and a welcome sight after the darker winter days. The woodland is mainly Beech, which despite their lack of leaves,  cast long shadows of the white carpets spread below. So join us for a peaceful stroll…

Hopton Hall dates back to the 1400. It is now in private ownership.  Over the past few years they have restored, and added to, the gardens and woodlands that surround the Hall. Wildlife is being attracted to a number of ponds and a larger lake. The woods look carefully managed.  Apart from the woodland walks through the snowdrops, a Rose Garden with terraces, summer house and topiary is being restored to its former glory.

Even though it is February and the Roses a long long way from flowering, the Rose Garden, in its winter clothes is still well worth exploring (and a note in the Diary  to revisit in July or August)…. and from the Rose Terraces it is a short stroll down to the Lakes.


So a summer treat to come….but right now in the February sun it is the Snowdrops that are the real treat….


15th February

(C) David Oakes 2019

15 thoughts on “Spring is Bursting Out…. In Snowdrops

  1. Beautiful. I love snowdrops as they truly are the first proper messengers of spring. You did a great walk. Thank you for letting us all see through your eyes.
    The Rose garden looks to me a plant/tree version of a henge. And the path looks pretty. I had to laugh at the shapes of the trees. I can see people in them. At least one with a big belly. Perhaps he’s the Chef in the kitchen of the Manor? 🙂 He sure looks llike a Chef.
    But the Eagle…. now that’s a whole different kettle of fish. It’s stunning! In full flight even. A masterpiece. Even in the colour of the stone he demands respect. Truly the king of the skies. Thanks!
    To all, have a great weekend.


  2. What a beautiful old place and so wonderful that people are doing it up with such gardens. Proper spring will be amazing!


    • We here in our part of the UK are perhaps getting a touch complacent…. reality says we still have to have winter. The positive is, that if it arrives over the coming weeks, it cannot last that long 🙂


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