Picnic in the Park….


The end of February….but who can blame this group of Mums and Toddlers for taking advantage of these un-seasonally high temperatures.  21c (70f).

The warm sunshine and longer daylight  hours have brought out the early Spring Blossom, delicate shades of pink with red buds, guaranteed to brighten any day



Tomorrow will be the 1st of March, a new month and a new advanced weather forecast, a forecast that suggests we will start to see weather more conducive to the calendar.

Its been rather nice whilst it lasted.

28th February

(C) David Oakes 2019

11 thoughts on “Picnic in the Park….

  1. That’s what I believe as well. Weather is changing right now. Some rain is forecasted with temperatures of about 10º. Still to ‘warm’ anyway. I enjoyed it fully, from inside as the flu got to me. Outside was the balcony which was always too fresh to enjoy. But I do enjoy the colours changing. A bit of a yellowy-greenish haze in the trees. My willow branches are beginning to show little leaves. And the blown in coltsfoot has a little yellow flower.


  2. and with a beautiful picnic basket…. this is amazing, I wished to be there now… But the weather makes me worried… In here, there is a sunny day today, not too cold… Thank you dear David, Love, nia


    • It has been very special, so special that for the past 5 days we have enjoyed lunch outside on our patio. For February that is rather unbelievable! But as of 30 minutes ago the predicted weather change arrived with rain and cloud. Cannot complain 🙂

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      • I can imagine dear David, but I also remember, more than ten years ago, 7th February, it was like a summer day in here, I very well remember, because our first meeting was with my Love, we walked in this beautiful weather… Thanks, Love, nia


  3. Oh, how those little breaths of springtime refresh us and I’m getting refreshment from your photos. But now it may be back to reality for you from the sounds of your weather changes. Snow flurries here today and no signs of spring yet – bare branches on the trees, brown grass, no breaks in the ground from emerging spring flower bulbs. But it will come….eventually.


    • I think we are now going the other way…..weather has changed to a more seasonal norm. Rain and heavy cloud and now 6c. I hope my prediction is wrong but I have suggested snow at times during March 🙂


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