Hellebore’s….. or Christmas Roses if you prefer


Hellebore Posy

I reckon that Hellebore’s are probably the best value winter plant for our garden, after lying low over the summer, they came into flower at the beginning of December and here we are in Mid- March and they are a mass of healthy flowers.

The backs of the petals are rather plain, but the inside is a mass of stamen carrying pollen.  The inside of the petals are either a bold colour or else a mass of coloured speckles…. all designed to attract passing Bees. Now before you say, but this is winter I can assure you that on any bright day we get active Bees seeking food to take back to their winter hive.


They may look delicate but with their slender but flexible stems they seem to endure the winds and rain quite well.

16th March

(C) David Oakes 2019