Deep in the Woods…..


Everything is now growing at breakneck speed.  The Bluebells are now starting to be swamped by more vigorous woodland herbage and brambles.  Our local wood has been fantastic this year with more Bluebells than I can ever remember, you can still find some areas where they are providing a wide vista of blue…


One of the best ‘first finds’ this spring is this Lily. Always found on the edges of woodland or in the hedgerows it is known as ‘Lords and Ladies’ or ‘Cuckoo Pint’ (and many other old country names) it is actually an Arum Lily and its proper name is Arum Maculatum….


Out in the meadows it is now Dandelion time, a plant that certainly doesn’t hide itself away. Not so brash is the May Flower much more delicate, more often than not, standing in loan isolation.

 The weekends rain has certainly encouraged a rush of new growth….. not bad for the last day of April

30th April

(C) David Oakes 2019



The perfect mix…. Warmth, Rain and Sunshine


Perfect growing conditions.  Our mild winter and warm spring gave the vegetation in woods and the wider countryside a great start to the year.

Add the rains of recent days, plus yesterdays warm sunshine and there has been a green explosion…. yep, the growth has been given a blast of the ‘supercharger’.

The truth is that whilst we did have some rain we do need a good deal more. Areas are tinder dry, the ground hard and water levels in reservoirs exceptionally low.

So much as we love warm dry sunny days, the reality is, that it may just be a luxury we need to forego.

29th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


Storm Hannah has Been and Gone


Saturday was rather wet.  Storm Hannah came and went, very luckily for our corner of the UK, she was not that badly behaved. Certainly wet, heavy at times but not torrential.

It was though, as they say, the prefect weather for Ducks


The rain was heavy enough to penetrate the new woodland canopy and flattened many of the Bluebells… but if anything it improved their scent!


But for the most part it was just a wet grey day, one of the very few we have had this Winter and Spring…. so best not complain – in any case we need the water.

28th April

(C) David Oakes 2019

Clematis Time…..



Our Clematis is bursting into bloom. Sadly we have a dire weather warning which isn’t great news for these delicate flower buds.  Soft petals enclose a green centre of stamen that turn yellow…. there are lots of bees busing about looking for nectar and pollen, however they seem to avoid the Clematis and leave its bounty for smaller flies and insects.

Just hoping the pending storm doesn’t cause too much damage.

27th April

(C) David Oakes 2019