Spring Greens….. and other colours


Cherry Blossom White and Pink

Green is the colour so often associated with Spring, but it is not the only colour. True the green of many new leaves is that distinctive bright, fresh green – yep, we call it Spring Green, as each fresh leaf unfurls itself from its tight winter home.

But green doesn’t have a monopoly on the colours in the awakening woodland. Blossom from white thru shades of pink and into red. Leaves silver to rich copper brown bordering on a deep orange….. then of course we have the blues and richer greens that provide a carpet of Bluebells desperate to flower before those flourishing leaves black out the sun from the woodland floor. And on that floor, should there be a clear space, dry decaying leaves from last autumn provide a carpet of many shades of brown and gold. Oh! and did I mention the smell…. yes, the sweet delicate aroma of Spring.  It all says Spring is here.

It is also that time of year when young Bullocks are released from winter cover… all full of curiosity and too much vigour, desperate to see what those strange two legged folk are doing over the fence….


22nd April

(C) David Oakes 2019