August has arrived…..


The first of August, the year moves along at a pace. Now I do know that many folk still have to take their summer holidays and August is a key month for tourism, it is though for me the month when we start to see some very early signs of autumn.

The flowering Mombrecia with it delicate bright orange flower heads is one key indicator of this change.  I also admit that Mombrecia is one of my favourite flowers…. it can be a little haphazard in the garden but a habit I am more than willing to put up with…it also loves wilder locations, loch side edges in the West Highlands is where its at its best.   Nor should one confuse it with the ‘posh’ Crocosmia with its fire red flowers.


No, the humble Mombrecia are the August blooms for me….


Another sign that autumn is on the way can be found on the Oak trees…. it does look as if we are going to get a bumper crop of Acorns this season. That of course is still dependant upon the weather, and squirrels,  between now and autumn proper.


1st August

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5 thoughts on “August has arrived…..

  1. Yes…Autumn marching. Nowadays I so much want to count August into my summer…to prolong it. We have also got an abundance of Acorns and hazel nuts. I am hoping for a great crop of Blackberries as well.


    • August is still summer and I don’t throw the towel in till mid September…..But all those autumn signs start to appear to remind us that the clock is ticking down. Blackberries were doing very well here but recent bad weather desn’t seem to have helped….. as always the weather will keep us guessing 🙂


  2. Time does march on, doesn’t it? Hot summer weather not only continues for us in August but often well into the month of September. But I am always looking forward to autumn, my favorite season of all.


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