Dark Satanic Mills…..

The Mill

Whilst this mill* has recently been spruced up you can still understand why,  in the industrial areas of the UK,  these mills became known as the “dark satanic mills”.

They were noisy, polluted, dark and dangerous places to work. Employment conditions for many were poor and had no respect of age… children to elderly grandparents were the labour force.

The legacy they leave are buildings, that with a degree of skill and imagination,  have in many locations, been turned into luxury apartments, art and design studios, gyms and high grade offices.

Whilst I appreciate the saving of these buildings, buildings that are an important part of our industrial heritage, I often think they look rather ‘prison’ like.  Maybe those early mill workers felt the same way about their place of employment.

* This Mill is at Darley Abbey Complex, Derby.  It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along the Derwent Valley.

6th August

(C) David Oakes 2019