Foggy Friday….. but a little different


Writing this I am looking out my window at a damp, dark, foggy morning.  Very different from the Friday morning 4 weeks ago….. is it really only 4 weeks ago and does seem like a lifetime has passed since then.

It was dawn when we sailed into Tromso, where we were to stay for a couple of days. Dawn started bright but ever so slowly a mist rolled in, a mist that was due to get thicker.


It was clear that the mist was an inversion of cloud.  So with fingers crossed we headed for the Fjellheisen Cable Car, the aim being to climb above the clouds… a decision that proved to be great move.  So off to top of Storsteinen. Nor were we alone. Lots of likeminded folk made that leap of faith to head thru the clouds…even a film crew making a commercial.



Back at sea level the cloud started to clear and the afternoon was just great.

Back to reality…. no cable car today and at the moment no likely change to the weather.

Still some great memories.

25th October

(C) David Oakes 2019


8 thoughts on “Foggy Friday….. but a little different

  1. I think when you witness stuff like this not only do u get a great photograph but the experience of the scene is so uplifting. So in essence u go to Norway and get wondrous weather and we went to Ireland and met Lorenzo 😆


    1. 14 days of great weather. A shower at Leknes the last port in Norway, some mixed Shetland weather when we paused there. Rough sea between Shetland and Orkneys where oceans meet, then calm seas again to Liverpool. Have to say the Ships Captain did say in his farewell message…”don’t brag about the great weather you have just enjoyed as the folk boarding for the next cruise will be told that we will not be leaving port tonight as severe storms are forecast”. Lucky…you can say that again. As for uplifting feelings, so true but was still not as uplifting as experiencing a full display of the Northern Lights. You have to win a few 🙂 Here is the link:


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