Time does fly…… I am playing ‘catch up’!


I have been trying to catch up on all the pics from our Norwegian and Lofoten Cruise.  Life has been busy since our return so progress has been slow.

As for time passing…..well it doesn’t seem like two months to the day that were  crossing to Haholmen Island in a replica  open Viking Boat….. no wind, so 21st century motor proving useful.


Memories are made from days just like this…..


26th November

(C) David Oakes 2019


7 thoughts on “Time does fly…… I am playing ‘catch up’!

  1. It is a very nice area from our coastline, but boy can the winds blow up there! If you remember the nearly
    cruise disaster of this summer (I believe the name of the ship was ‘Viking Sky’?) where more than a 450 people out of the more than 1300 passengers were repatriated by helicopter from the raging seas. Afterwards they have found that the cruise ship was in fact only 100 yards from total disaster that day!

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        • The rest of the cruise back to Liverpool was smooth…but before we left the ship,the Captain suggested that it wouldn’t be wise to brag about the trip to the passengers embarking….. he would be telling them that the forecast was for severe gales so he would be remain in Port overnight an review the forecast next day.


          • A wise man that have sailed the Seas for a long time! Anything might happen ou there!
            I have personally experience something like this in my early ears as a sailor.
            3 Gales in a row was forecasted. I personally placed the storm warnings at the desk in the wheelhouse, but – a drowsy second mate taking over at midnigh didn’t catch on. The next morning we were facing storm no 3 head on! You wouln’t believe what happened. The height of waves from bottom to top were at times exceeding a 100 feet!!! We only survived by being able to keep the ship steady straight into the waves. If we for a moment would have gotten them from the side, we would have capseized (And the was a ship 475 feet long and a 140 feet across!)


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