A Clear Out ……

Loch Linnhe Wreck

I came across this wreck of an old Scottish Fishing Boat….or if I understand the story correctly, its not a wreck but an abandoned boat that has now misplaced its owner.  It is on the shore of Caol Beach, beside Corpach at the northern end of Loch Linnhe, which lies within the shadow of Ben Nevis.

This period between Christmas and New Year, when there are periods of quite time,  and particularly if the weather is inclement, I use to have a good tidy up, a clear out.  Not a full blown Spring Clean but just getting rid of that clutter that you accumulate during the year, things saved for another day but never used.

As for the boat, I still find it sad that something that once would seem very much alive should be left to rot down to its skeleton…. seems a waste.

Now back to the task in hand…. the clear out 🙂

27th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

12 thoughts on “A Clear Out ……

  1. It looks pretty abadoned? No name, port of registry, captains safe with valid ownership papers nor information that could identify the ship in any way?
    Perhaps a towing-job for the Royal Navy then? (Ship will be returned to claimed owner when towing costs are paid!)
    Otherwise this piece of the coast-line would have been spared for the consequences of doing nothing?!


    Make a very visible label reading: ‘On June 23, 2020 this will become a bonfire unless the owner makes a claim before then! (Environments are important these days!)
    Take anothre picture and send it to the local papers for publishing!


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