Boxing Day…. The day after, well you know what…


A New Dawn….

Boxing Day…. yes, the day after that big Christmas event.  Some think it an anti climax, others a time to relax, some get out to run, walk, cycle out and about to get rid of those calories we consumed all too easily yesterday.

Not sure why but some can think of nothing better than a spot of Retail Therapy…. ‘therapy’ I can think of nothing less therapeutic.  OK! I am also old enough to remember when it was unthinkable for Shops to be open on Boxing Day….and as for the so called ‘Sales’ well they are now a 12 month event with none of us knowing what the true price of anything is.

Boxing Day for me has always been the precursor to New Year….it is when the realisation of a year ending is close and new opportunities and challenges come our way…. it is a time to relax but also reflect and to look to the future.

Relax and enjoy with you and yours

26th December

(C) 2019

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