A Postcard from Leknes….


As we neared the end of our trip to Northern Norway and the Lofoten Islands back in September, we made a brief but very enjoyable stop at Leknes, with visits to Gravdal and Ballstad and a tour of the countryside beneath the tall jagged mountains.  It is an area of small communities nestling for shelter under the mountains. The moorings for our boat was by a small industrial area, and the airport, all located on one of the very few flat areas on the Island.

The sun rose to welcome us as we cruised up the fjord and as we left it paid us the courtesy to set….though it did have that look that the weather was about to take a down turn.



Although it was a long day it seemed all too short and like many other locations on this trip we felt the need to say that we would be back…

As for the weather, well it did change and by the time dusk fell and we sailed past Reine the storm clouds had indeed gathered

Storm Clouds Reine

2nd January

(C) David Oakes 2020

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