What ever floats your Boat…… in Lisbon


The City of Lisbon is a mix of ancient and modern architecture.  Built over seven hills, it is a city  with some fabulous palaces, ancient castles,museums, more modern buildings and lots of areas to explore.  But for me the most memorable of sights was at the Maritime Museum.

Portugal was for centuries one of the leading adventurers in nautical travel…I guess explorers may be a better word.  The nations close association with ocean travel enabled it to build up trade across the world.  Its nautical heritage lives on today.


But preserved and so well displayed in this purpose built museum is the fantastic display of  ” Royal Barges “.   They must really have created a dramatic colour packed,  spectacular flotilla as they sailed up the River Tagus…. the oars men in uniform and the Royal passengers in their royal regalia.  At least we are given to opportunity to visualise those long gone days with these very special Barges

With 38 oars this barge must have moved at a pace!  ….


The colour and skill of both the boatbuilders and painters are clear to see, but I hope that you do get a good impression as to the shear size of these rather special vessels.

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

6th April

(C) David Oakes 2020

8 thoughts on “What ever floats your Boat…… in Lisbon

    • A good comparison Scott…… I guess the only real difference is that there are fewer barges, and lots more space around them in this spacious exhibition. There are also some more modern Naval exhibits including a very early seaplane. The Adjoining Portuguese Naval Museum is also worth a visit. Put it on your bucket list 🙂


  1. Spectacular indeed–and the finery continued even below the water level where no one could see it. They must have known they would have an extended second life on display.


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