Spring Time Sunshine……


Thank goodness, another bright sunny start. I guess even in these rather strange and desperate times the sun does its very best to bring a smile to many faces.

I am very grateful for the ability to exercise in a very spring like area. The Park upon which my daily walk with Buster takes me, is obviously the central point. But now that spring is really with us it is a joy to take in the blossom in various gardens on route.


The Park is amazingly deserted ( I saw only 9 folk passing in the distance in the hour long walk).  A strange feeling that does take time to accept as the current norm.


The woods are still very bare, the winter sun seems to be like a search light casting dark shadows, and yes there is just a hint of green on the tops.

There are other welcome signs of spring.  Forget me Not on path edges.  More Bluebells starting to thrust upward.  The last of the Daffodils are still putting on a bright show of their own.



This spell of good weather was too good to waste, so it was time to catch up on work in the garden….. with of course the odd break for tea and biscuits….. but all under the critical and attentive eyes of the Blackbird and Collard Dove.

With the subtle sent of the Blossom it was a rather good day.


Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

8th April

(C) David Oakes 2020

3 thoughts on “Spring Time Sunshine……

    1. We a have a Bank Holiday coming up this weekend……. tradition has it that the weather always takes a turn for the worst. but maybe in these strange times it will break that habit. We will see 🙂


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