The City that never Sleeps…..


Hamburg, Germany.

Yesterday I shared an image of a very small, but onetime very important Port.  So here as a contrast is another port.  At the same time as little Ravenscar was trading,  in Germany on the River Elbe, Hamburg was been founded.

Whilst the Port of Hamburg is Germany biggest, it is also one of the worlds major trading hubs. But to say Hamburg is a Port  would be to ignore the growth the City has made in commerce, banking and the arts.  The dramatic skyline round the old port give you some indication of the Cities obvious success.

I mentioned the arts.  Culturaly Hamburg has a veritable feast on offer….. its latest major investment in the Arts is the waterfront building on the right.  A spectacular piece of architecture…..  It is the Elbphilharomonie Concert Hall.  Apart from Concerts it is also now a major Tourist attraction with guided tours on offer. I say now…as sadly we were too early to enjoy a tour.  The day the above image was taken the building was being officially opened by  Prince William and Kate.

I said the City doesn’t sleep, well it doesn’t appear to.  Nor more so than at the International Docks…. the rumbling of cranes and the coming and going of barges and ships continued thru the night.

Hamburg Doks

If you had to choose a word to describe success then that word would probably be Hamburg.

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14th April

(C) David Oakes 2020


8 thoughts on “The City that never Sleeps…..

  1. I’ve been there so many times, and you’ve awakened some wonderful memories. Nice use of the star filter, too! I had one around here somewhere…


  2. He he, I haven’t been to Hambrg since the early 60thies, and if you had not told me, I certainly would not have rcognized it from your picture!


    1. Two years since I was there last….. before we left we were shown the next stage of land recovery for the next Big expansion. There were also so many building projects across the City that I guess this skyline will be very different today 🙂


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