Half Way through May…… Is it Spring/ Winter or Summer?


Blue skies once more….  and a clear blue that we are becoming to get used too.  No vapour trails, no taste of pollution in the air.  We had a frost again last night but woke to a glorious morning.  The forecaster for our area say that we may get to 22c this afternoon and expect 25c tomorrow…… Well it is the middle of May.

The tree above is I believe a Rufus Oak.  It is always one of the last to come into leaf and one of the first to turn  in the autumn….. mind you when it turns it is a beautiful distinctive red,  gradually fading to brown.

We did rather think we had lost this warm sunny day.  Lunch time it turned chilly (no damn cold actually) the cloud cover came over and it looked threatening…


But within the hour all changed again and we were left with a wonderful afternoon.  So an afternoon gardening was the chore.

An indicator that spring is turning into summer, one of our Honey Suckles  has flower heads swelling and nearly ready to burst …….


Roses are the true flower of summer.  Our first Rose bloom appeared last week , but others have not rushed to follow, just the occasional brave bloom…


It cannot be that long before we have many more Roses.  Buds are all swelling, in the afternoon heat and sun.  I am sure you could actually see them growing….


The Flower heads when open on this particular Rose (don’t ask the name) are only tiny, not much bigger than a quails egg, but just as beautiful as the bigger blooms.

As for 22c….  well the best we got to was 19c but with a cool breeze it felt much lower.

I was reminder earlier, that the summer solstice is looming ever closer.  It has been a strange year.  Strange from a weather perspective.   Strange for all of us, as we come to terms with isolation, self distancing and ever changing health advice.  Despite lockdown measures, time does seem to have flown bye.

Summer is on the way, but nothing much else looks like changing, so…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

15th May

(C) David Oakes 2020

6 thoughts on “Half Way through May…… Is it Spring/ Winter or Summer?

  1. Everything at the same time – longing for roses as I see yours….I have started feeding the birds again. They come knocking at my window, all wet and lost.


  2. No signs of summer at our house. Still cold, rainy, overcast, and frost. And no roses in bloom. Even our peonies that bloom in early June have a very long way to go before they burst forth as they are still growing and have no signs of buds. We get a warmer day here and there but then get punched again with colder weather for the most part. Strange weather for us too in this strange time.


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